Membership 2017..

Club and BMFA membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Club Membership:-    
Senior                      £117.00
Junior(under 18s)    £58.50

BMFA Membership:-          
Senior   £33.00
Junior   £17.00

BMFA Membership is essential for insurance reasons, if you have joined elsewhere proof will be required. Junior and Vulnerable Adult members MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or other person with written authority for their supervision.

Learning to Fly

Model flying can be a very rewarding hobby but it is very important that you start the learning process with the correct model.

There are many ‘park flyer’ style models available on the market today. They can be purchased from almost anywhere including supermarkets for as little as £20-£30.
Although they can offer some success their flying envelope and ability to fly in windy weather can be limited.
For maximum success you ideally need to start with a ‘40-size Trainer’. A Trainer typically has a wingspan of 50” to 60” and is powered by a 40 size (7cc) glow engine.
You will also need a 4 channel radio set. The radio set comprises of a transmitter (the bit you hold), a receiver and servos to control your model. There are two modes of transmitter set up,

MODE 1 – Throttle control on the right stick and

MODE 2 – Throttle on the left stick.

At Rotherham club we fly the MODE 1 setting.
On most modern Transmitters the mode setting
can be easily changed over but it is still an important
check that the transmitter can be operated in
MODE 1 before you buy.
Starting out can be quite expensive but it is
important to remember that both engine and radio
components can normally be moved into other models once you have mastered flying your trainer.
Before dashing off to the model shop or on-line ordering your first model we recommend that you visit us at the field. Every club member will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and will be able to recommend suitable models and suppliers to get you started.